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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Because he made his point without acting like the typical activist. He made his point respectfully and tastefully.

It's my opinion that guys like this are more likely to do the open carry cause good than those that act like jerks and look for trouble with the police, even if they don't think their actions are doing so.

The open carry movement needs more guys like this.

After all the school shootings across the country. And you think open carrying a gun inside a school amongst school children will help the ccw/cpl cause? Yeah, it sounds good and all "because he stood up for the constitution " and "he was within his legal right ". I can assure you its not helping the cause. Within time and more of this type of incidents occurring, the state legislatures will eventually feel compelled to change the loophole in the law to prevent these people from "trying to prove a point ". stay tuned and soon I will say "I told you so "
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