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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
There are no ballistic "Pros" IMO.
Well, maybe there are a couple:

Number 1 -- read and re-read what Canyon Man says! (And how are you, my friend?) he knows of which he speaks.

Second, if you must carry a 380 (and some just might...) look at Buffalo Bore 100gr Hard Cast lead flat nose +P ammo. 24" penetration!!! Not cheap, I believe it was $26 for 20 rounds. But it is hot! (for a 380...)

Or BB 95gr +P HP which will give you 12-13" penetration. Same pricing.

Wouldn't use it (couldn't afford to!) all the time. It would beat hell outta the gun but for SD in a pinch I'd say your odds just increased a smidge.
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