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Originally Posted by CanyonMan View Post
Not to be "smart", but only "cons". I would never suggest anthing under 9mm to a friend or anyone. Not enough in the .380. Folks can argue all day, but there is just not enough there, to give me a good feeling to carry one... It is a "mouse gun," and mouse guns, although, yes, they can kill, (but so can a 22) just have no place in the real world against a huge perp trying to kill you.

Forget , "well, it's light and easy to carry." So what ! If it don't blow through heavy clothes and a bunch of fat and muscle and bones and organs, and get to vitals to end the threat, who gives a rip if it's easy to carry !!!???

No thank you on a .380. I barely like 9mm, and I kow what it can do, and do well, if experience and practice, knows how to use it, but sorry, I still favor 45acp and 44mag.'' But not at all "afraid of the 9mm."

All the stuff, 9mm 40 s&w, and 357sig, and 45cal work well, and also 10mm, but not the .380 and under. Again, forget light, comfortable, easy carry.

When a BG is beating your brains out or your in a real bad mess, that mouse gun will Embarrass you and maybe get you dead !

Been there and done that a good number of times ! ( NOT with a mouse gun BTW)

Good luck!
stay safe !

Pretty much this. They make some small, lightweight 9mm pistols and .38 special revolvers. No need for .380. It's just dumb...
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