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Got my KKM G23 in the mail earlier this week and I've been itchin' to try it out. Fairly nice day, around 70 degrees so here's a few from this afternoon, all using 1x Winchester brass and CCI SP primers:

180gr RNFP hardcast, 9.8gr VV 3N38 @ 1.135": 1,226 fps (26 fps ES) That's 600 ft-lbs from a 4" barrel.

180gr RNFP hardcast, 8.5gr 800x @ 1.135": 1,197 fps (12 fps ES!!)

180gr MG JHP, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1,208 fps (18 fps ES!)

200gr Beartooth WFNGC, 8.5gr VV 3N38 @ 1.130": 1,088 fps (13 fps ES!!) That's 525 ft-lbs with a 200gr hardcast from a 4" bbl.

220gr SNS TCFP, 6.8gr 800x @ 1.145" (1x Rem, CCI SP): 997 fps (14 fps ES!!)

135gr Nosler JHP, 10.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.120" (1x Fed, CCI SP): 1,424 fps

Little bit of a mixed bag, but all shot very well and all were very consistent. The 180gr RNFP is a 38-40 style revolver bullet but I like it because one it's hardcast and two it's got a fairly good sized meplat on it for use on game.
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