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Thanks for all the good info I will be going to the range tomorrow to try some of these suggestions.
From some of your responses I see a little background info is in order.
I am 58 right handed right eye dominant and wear glasses.
Moving closer is not an option it's an outdoor range and the closest set of target sets is at 18 yards. And at that distance I can't really see where Im hitting till I walk out to the target to see. I think I'll pick up some of those splatter dye targets so I can track where I'm hitting while shooting.
I'm new to both handguns and glocks I got a new 19 a couple of months ago but the range up here was closed till a couple of weeks ago. I've been to the range twice and fired around 200 rounds so far. I'm going again tomorrow and am going to try and go at least once a week.
Just wanted to say this forum has been a wealth of information from some very experienced members.

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