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Originally Posted by deerslayer01 View Post
Please elaborate on this because I have always been left eye dominant but right hand shooter. What were you going to suggest to help with that. I have had some problems at times with shooting low and left and just attributed it to bad trigger slap.
There's a bunch of different ways to go about it - and a lot of how well the shooter does with any one particular method depends on just how cross-dominant they are: different people have different levels of cross-dominance, and their ability to be ambidextrous also varies.

Some recommend that the shooter switch hand-dominance to the same side of eye-dominance. While this is certainly a valid approach, it can sometimes truly be very awkward for someone to do things this way, particularly if they show very strong hardwiring for their handedness. While it is true that training cures awkwardness, that's definitely not the only way to do it "right." Tactics and Training And if someone tells you otherwise, tell them to look at Brian Enos and Larry Vickers, to name just two top-tier pistol shooters who are cross-dominant.

Enos, for example, started off using scotch-tape on his shooting glasses to shift his eye dominance (obviously, for a "defensive" shooter, this is not compatible with good results Tactics and Training) - however, as he progressed as well as aged, he found himself actually able to be a proficient shooter ("proficiency," at his level, is something that's quite different than at our level, of-course) "despite" his cross-dominance. Vickers, interestingly enough, shoots cross-dominant (left-eye, right-hand) when using pistol, but shoots dominant-eye (left-eye, left-hand) on the carbine.

Similarly, techniques can differ. Some will tell you that the only thing that's "right" is to bring the gun more towards the shooter's eye-dominant side and to strictly never cock/tilt one's head for fear of "distorting" the view of "the tactical battlefield." While true that may be, guess what? it's not the only way to do things - Vickers (and it's hard to debate his background, isn't it? Tactics and Training) both brings the pistol over a little, as well as slightly tilts his head.

The "tactical wink" - temporarily and quickly closing one eye to acquire the necessary sight-picture before shifting back to binocular vision) is another valid technique as well, and for even the least cross-dominant individual, sometimes this method is still necessary in order to effect precision/surgical shots, particularly at longer distances, or to insure that the muzzle actually clears the barricade when shooting from the strong side (which, if you'll keep in mind, is with the non-dominant eye).

When speaking of single-hand-only techniques, cross-dominance both makes things easier as well as harder.

Search any online shooting Forum community for "cross-dominance," and you'll find many good recommendations. First find out just how cross-dominant you are, and go from there.


Back @ BIGBEAR92314

I recently posted this on XDTalk, to help a fellow shooter there:

In his OP, you'll see that he described his grouping as mostly low-left (he's also right-handed; he's cross-dominant, but I don't think that had much to do, at all, with what he'd experienced, and given that you are same-side-dominant, I don't believe this to be a problem with you, either), but that it was also a bit "all over."

In all honesty, I would bring the target closer, first. Establish more of a grouping so that the shots can actually be diagnostic.

The trigger is the single biggest factor that we as shooters throw shots - however, given your current target, given its distance - I honestly can't say that it's the only thing (nor can I definitively say that the grip is the problem) that you should work on.


A bit more detail:

- how long have you been shooting?
- shooting pistol?
- shooting Glocks?

- the target you posted: are the shots closer to the bull your first shots? or did you notice another pattern?

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