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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
My thoughts:

This is GT...
There are no conspiracies.. Ever. Anywhere.

If you believe in even the mere possibility of any conspiracy anywhere, on any scale, from the White House to your local PTA, then you are a paranoid nut who wears hats and underwear made of aluminum foil and you probably live in your parents' basement.

It has been carefully explained here many times that there are no secrets anywhere within the government, ever, anywhere, as proven by the fact that Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down in collusion with a certain White House intern.

Everything is exactly as it seems.
Move along, go about your business... nothing to see here..

(notice, I'm speaking in general, not pertaining specifically to the assassination of JFK, about which I have no opinion )

Does your employer pay for your work clothes????

Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
I just get a kick out of anyone who thinks the Fed Gov can keep a secret of any sort for more than a day or two. Holy cow, people would be tripping all over themselves to get on 60 minutes to talk about corruption if most of the conspiracies actually happened.
Yup. Although the odd thing about this one, and the Boston bombing, and others - is the coincidence of capture. Why did Oswald kill the police officer 45 min later? And then caught in a theater acting "suspiciously." How did we ever find these two Chechens based on some bizarre 7/11 footage??? Why did they shoot at police, kill and maim spectators but let the SUV driver live????

Strange stuff indeed. Not a conspiracy, but the coincidence of capture is fascinating to me.
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