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Originally Posted by Omologato View Post
Gotta love the 4g63! How much boost, where does it kick in, and what internals are you running?

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Nothing impressive with the internals. Off the shelf Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, and Kelford cams. Factory crank and valves. I'd like to eventually build an aluminum rod engine for it, but I have a hard time spending the money when this engine just keeps pushing strong. I build this engine in '07 and I've been kicking its ass ever since without a single problem.

It's running 47 PSI boost. Here's spool numbers measured on the street (with rolling resistance) not on the dyno:

10 psi @ 3264 RPM
20 psi @ 3720 RPM
30 psi @ 4058 RPM
40 psi @ 4418 RPM
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