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My thoughts:

This is GT...
There are no conspiracies.. Ever. Anywhere.

If you believe in even the mere possibility of any conspiracy anywhere, on any scale, from the White House to your local PTA, then you are a paranoid nut who wears hats and underwear made of aluminum foil and you probably live in your parents' basement.

It has been carefully explained here many times that there are no secrets anywhere within the government, ever, anywhere, as proven by the fact that Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down in collusion with a certain White House intern.

Everything is exactly as it seems.
Move along, go about your business... nothing to see here..

(notice, I'm speaking in general, not pertaining specifically to the assassination of JFK, about which I have no opinion )

June 28, 2012: the day the American republic died.

Uncontrolled, unaccountable government spending + Graduated income-tax = SLAVERY

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