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As of a couple of years ago I no longer drink at all. I drank socially from 18 to 40, beer and wine, and was a bartender for almost 5 years. I just never developed a taste for it and decided it was easier to just say "I don't drink" than try to nurse a warm beer or tote around a glass of wine at social events so people would stop offering. I decided when I turned 40 that It just wasn't something that I I would stop trying.

From 18 to my late 20s I tried to be a drinker... I was able to go get drunk, but never able to hang out and drink a few and enjoy it. Especially liquor...I tried every type and brand I could think of but it just isn't for me. More power to you guys (and gals) that can enjoy it, you can divide my share equally.

So far my life hasn't changed at all. People still offer me drinks and I still politely decline.
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