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Originally Posted by OMDonald View Post
LOL touché

Okay. Personal, real world experience:

I've carried different bows in varieties of terrain in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia without sacrificing any necessities. I didn't just survive. I thrived during multi-day excursions on foot in areas far from convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and houses. I've gone alone and with small groups.

During these trips I always carry what is needed. I have three packs ready to go at my current location that will carry me for 2-3 weeks. The only two things I will decide before leaving is whether additional food should be added to make it 45-90 days and which "specialty" items to toss in, carry, or strap to the pack, such as fly rod, climbing gear, camera, or BOW. Those items remain ready as well.

Maybe you just need a bigger better bag, a stronger body, and more knowledge. Oh, forget that last one since you are a "professor of physics".
So what are the serious advantages to a bow over a firearm? I'm not understanding the possible potential to re-use arrows given that you can't bring very many of them to begin with (compared to cartridges) and the silent thing...plenty of silent firearms if you are REALLY worried about that.

I am going to guess that local laws are the biggest reason for the bow all of those inability to have a firearm. Is that right or wrong?
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