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If you are going to make a lifestyle/toy choice like this...before you do anything, why not find the car you are passionate about? (whatever that may be)

It sounds like you can see yourself doing this but dont know how. Spend some time developing the "how" before you spend the money.

Each car has its own flavor and attracts certain kinds of attention and opportunities. What do you want the car for? To enjoy weekend drives? To be a part of that kind of car club? To fix up? To race? To show off? To have something to look at in the garage?

For example, maybe you wont like Ferrari people. Maybe you wont like Muscle car people. (whatever kind of car people) Those considerations are important if you want the community benefits that come with owning a type of car.

Some cars draw a lot of negative/strange attention for the general public. People get @#%& strange and flat out ass holish when they see certain cars and rush to involved their opinions in your life. As an anecdote, it seems that older cars draw less of this and newer sports type cars draw more of this...and cheaper, older high end brand name cars draw the most negative the cheap older Ferrari, it seems like people are on a mission to insert their opinions of your "wannabe" status...even if they have never even sat in a Ferrari.

Dont just pick a car, decide on what you want from a car and/or what car you are passionate about.
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