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Originally Posted by samuse View Post
I'm sorry to hear about CL too.

Without a decent explanation these type of threads are very annoying and disrespectful to everyone who is still here.
You won't be getting an explanation on Chad's death. In Louisiana death certificates are sealed for 70 years and it still wouldn't give us the the answers to all out questions. The family isn't talking.

I'm not saying this to be a ***** -- a lot of us have a lot of questions and suspicions about his later life and ultimately his death.

He had an arachnoid cyst in the brain. It was discovered after he had such a hard time getting over the bronchitis/lung problems he was having. He started seizing in his sleep and the cyst was discovered. By then he had been out of work long enough that he had lost all insurance, including disability. He was isolated from all of his family and friends, except for his girlfriend.

Many, many people tried to contact him and could not reach him. Anyone who spoke against his girlfriend was immediately on "his" **** list. I say "his" because many of us suspect that she was actually the one eliminating his friends one by one. She even went so far as to demand him have his account deleted here. She considered him to be cheating when he visited GT because there was the occasional pic posted of some chick with a gun.

There were financial issues at the end and checks were sent, written to Chad, that were not cashed. Any offer of groceries were refused. Basically if it wasn't cash, it wasn't wanted or acknowledged which leads a lot of us to believe that the girlfriend was asking for the money instead of Chad really needing the help.

The Chad who died is not Chad we all knew and loved.
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