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Originally Posted by nitesite10mm View Post
I'm issued a G22 and 180-gr HST. It is okay but I prefer other sidearms as a first choice.

So it is always either a 1911 or a G34 but every now and then I have rocked with a Smiff and Western Model 28 Highway Patrolman.

Yep. In 2013 I've carried a blued N-Frame 4" Smiff revolver chambered in a straight walled magnum cartridge.

I was recently at a pursuit training seminar wearing a Model 28 and all it took was the short timespan of waiting for the first restroom/coffee break from class for me to be outside with a small crowd around me wanting to talk about it. By lunch there were guys wondering why they had never appreciated a revolver until then.

I just wish it was a Model 58 fixed sight 4" .41 Remington Magnum instead of a .357 maggie.
I have both and it is difficult to chose the 28 (as great as it is) when the 58 is an option.
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