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Originally Posted by C J View Post
I looked at a S&W 686 today. Then I picked up a SP101 in my hand. Very nice. Besides the obvious weight difference, it just felt better in my average size hand. I like the pinned front sight also. I came home and looked at an XS Big Dot and a few different holsters to carry it. 2.5" barrel is perfect too. I would prefer a 3" or better, but for EDC, I think the 2.5" is sufficent. I found it at the local Gander Mtn. The price was decent compared what I've seen around. So I'm heading up there in the morning. Anyone else have an SP101?
I own both revolvers; I like them both, too. Because of its larger size I'm able to shoot my 686 with a 2 1/2" barrel on par with my SP-101 with a 3 1/8" barrel. There are two things that I, personally, wouldn't own an SP-101 without:

(1) A 3" barrel. Why? Because you've got to be able to shoot this small revolver straight in double-action; and, for me, a 2 1/2" barrel on a small revolver, like this, just doesn't cut it at 12 yards. (You never want to, 'scatter' you shots across the target; the tighter you're able to group the cylinder, the harder hitting your gun is going to be.)

(2) A hammer spur is necessary for making the longer shots, beyond 10 yards, accurately. I am NOT a believer in, 'belly guns'. Instead I believe in engaging the other guy BEFORE he's quite comfortable and ready enough to engage me. (Gunmen who live by the, '3 x 3 x 3' rule of combat engagement are, also, gunmen who seldom escape their first hostile encounter, unscathed.)

No handgun is any good if it isn't easy to practice with. The considerable weight of an SP-101 is actually an advantage. 357 Magnum rounds generate a lot of heat. In the 6 or 7 years that I've been practicing with an SP-101 I've often fired this little pistol until it was too hot to handle with bare hands. IT HAS NEVER ONCE HAD A STOPPAGE!

I'm well-known not to like any typical, 'BUG' for use as a primary handgun. The Ruger SP-101 with a 3" barrel and an exposed hammer spur is as small as I'm willing to go and still consider the piece to be genuinely useful as a primary pistol.

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