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Originally Posted by MGGLOCK9 View Post
Last Sept we were part of a dinner at a friend's house. When the dishes were cleared the hostess asked if folks wanted dessert-everyone said yes. She brought out apple pie and ice cream and serving dishes to the table. Instead of serving she got engaged in a conversation with several guests and talked and talked and..finally her daughter grabbed the desserts and started to serve them because the ice cream was melting.

Last night, similar deal-she brought the dessert (cheesecake) to the table, started talking with people generally and after 15 minutes started to serve the dessert.

I thought both times it was rude to ask guests if they wanted a food, produce it near them but not serve them My wife said no-the hostess has two duties, to serve the dinner and to socialize with the guests.

What are the thoughts of folks here? What do you do when hosting??
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