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Originally Posted by DaverZ View Post
That's a big pet peeve of mine,being accused of something I did'nt do.I would probably contact the manager and raise holy hell but that's just me.
Me, too. Being accused of something I didn't do aside from physical attack, is about the worse thing that someone can do to me. I once blew up at my manager and my technical lead when confronted with a false accusation made from another employee. I was reading them the riot act about that one. Needless to say, nothing went in my permanent record.

I would be livid and would pursue this through corporate channels, letting them know of my anger at being unjustly accused and that I would be sure to let others know of this outrageous behavior by one of their personnel. I wouldn't consider a lawsuit under the circumstances the OP related. But I would expect the offending employee to at least receive serious reprimands and better, termination. Her actions could result in a lawsuit from someone against the company.

As for the police officer, I don't like nor want any LEO to remove my firearm from my person. Undue handling by anyone is dangerous and I prefer it to stay in my holster unless needed. I would complain if he ran my gun's serial number based upon the fact that there was no RAS or PC personally known to him. He was only going on what he was told about some person lodging a complaint.
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