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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
This was your original post...She said, "We know...we heard," the we, plural, who else was there?

And you told her first that you were carrying.

Now you post...Now no one knew until you told the officer.

You're changing your story...
How do you figure that? He didn't change his story at all. He simply added more detail that had not been previously needed, or offered.

I have to wonder: Instead of all that extraneous gun handling (I don't care whether or not the piece was holstered.) why not simply tell the sales lady to measure your waist? Otherwise you could have taken her measuring tape and measured your own waist.

Finally, is it really necessary for you to be in C-1 in a clothing store? Are you actually THAT PARANOID about being instantaneously ambushed, or wounded? I'll be perfectly frank: I'm glad I wasn't the guy in the booth next to you while all of this was going on.

Suggest you forget about that lost round. Carry in C-3 and you'll never miss it! More than likely you'll be able to go for the rest of your life and not need - even once - to come out of the holster, fast, in C-1. Sure, you won't be an official, 'Glockeroo cowboy'; but you and your family and friends WILL BE a whole lot safer.
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