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Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
Well.. just an update:

I know I said I was probably gonna drop this & let the corporate complaint be enough, BUT:

I spoke with my dad (he went to college for 8 years for criminal justice, criminology (if that is a different thing, I dunno), psychology, and a bunch of other things.

He graduated all of these subjects with flying colors.

After explaining everything to him, he thinks I should sue for everything I can (which he believes would be MILLIONS) -- nothing small.

So.. it looks like I'm back to contacting a lawyer on Monday.

Sorry everyone who might be offended by this decision, but I'm sorry -- if an asian woman can sue for being, quote, "Horrified!" by a name on a piece of paper, calling her "ching chong lee" on her receipt at CVS, I'd say my situation is FAR more "horrifying" than hers was.

Will keep everyone updated though.

As for the karma, if anything, the karma is going to come down on the woman at the store who caused this mess.. not me.

I will sleep just fine if I sue them for every dime they have. Doesn't bother me one bit.

As I said, I did nothing wrong to begin with, and I am not a pushover.
And we wonder what is wrong with this country?
Don't settle for millions, go for billions! Zillions!
Make sure you look in the yellow pages for the best ambulance chaser you can find!
Seriously, you are kind of a pathetic person, and I get the feeling you are going to get a good education on greed.
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