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Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
No, Russ. I am NOT changing my story.

Please read ALL of my posts consecutively.

You will find that I stated that the ONLY thing I WAS concealing was my pistol -- which neither she, NOR the officer, knew I had until I notified him of it.

SHE, on the other hand, accused me of "concealing/shoplifting/shoving down my pants" MERCHANDISE from the store.

Yes, AFTER she told me the cops were coming & why she called them, THEN I told her that the reason I took my belt off was because I had my permit, and I needed to take this off in order to spin my tag around & see what it said.

That is VERY different.
HOWEVER -- she clearly didn't even pay attention to what I was saying, as she was too busy telling me how she had "busted me for stealing, and the cops were coming"

So yes, as I stated, nobody even knew I was, quote, "concealing anything" to begin with -- mainly because I WASNT!!!!

Either way..... Whatever dude.

Just delete this thread if this is how things are going to go from here out.

I'm done. First you say you owe me an apology, yet now you are trying to "poke holes" in my posts.

Again.... Whatever.

Just delete the thread if that is the case.

I will not be posting here very often after these responses.

Thanks to all who responded with some common sense, and actually looked at this from my point of view.

To everyone else, get lost.

Also -- @patchman, yes.. you are correct in a way.

While it was my "first encounter with LEO while armed for being accused of shoplifting" -- it was also my first encounter with LEO while being armed at all.
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