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This was your original post...
Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
As I leave the dressing room, this lady tells me "I know what you're doing in there, and the cops are on the way!"

I ask her "what am I doing? I haven't done anything wrong" - she says "We KNOW you're shoving items down your pants, we heard you take the belt off!"

I reply, "no maam, I took my belt off because I have my CWP and I needed to remove my holster - I have nothing down my pants at all."
She said, "We know...we heard," the we, plural, who else was there?

And you told her first that you were carrying.

Now you post...
Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
Plus I was not concealing anything (except my pistol, which she and the officer could not see until I told him where it was and he retrieved it) so there was nothing that I would have needed to "conceal better" in the first place...
Now no one knew until you told the officer.

You're changing your story...
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