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Buying a Taurus like grabbing a treat from Forrest Gump's 'Box o' Chocolates'- you never know what you're gonna get.

I traded for my first Taurus awhile back, a late model PT145. Taurus has a well-deserved reputation for spotty quality control, which manifested itself in the first 20 rounds from this gun. One of the magazines was, politely put, a piece of crap. Luckily, the the dealer had another PT145 on hand and he swapped me out a good mag PDQ. With good magazines, pistol is reliable and it isn't picky about bullet profile. It fed my .45 ACP, 230 lead flat-point reloads slick as a whistle. Early shooting indicates it will keep a magazine on your head at 20 paces. Later shooting revealed that I shoot it just as well as my issue Glock 22, even at 25 yards. I do find the grip of the Millenniums to be on the small side for my hands, and a grip sleeve like this Houge made a noticeable improvement in my unsupported shooting.

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I've had a couple if chances to break even on it already but I can't bring myself to do it, It's just the right size, shoots my favorite cartridge... rest of the story here if anyone's interested.

PS... those guys at TaurusArmed are a hoot, some cheerleadin' mofos! They do seem to realize that poorer examples of their pistol just flat suck.
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