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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
If they go contractless, there would be no more reason for them to give me a free phone or special rates every couple of years. I'll stick with the contracts. If I need to change my cell phone provider more than once every 2 years, it's probably my fault.
The phone isn't "free" anyway. The advantage to no contracts is that if you don't replace the phone in 2 years, you would pay less. I;m surprised people don't understand this.

T-mobile has set it up so that you pay $20 a month for the iPhone for 2 years (with money upfront as well depending on the model, just like now). You are free to leave with no penalty, other than paying off the phone. After 2 years, you will be pay $20 less a month if you keep the same phone. Best of both worlds. Only pay for the phone if you need it.
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