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Originally Posted by pipedreams View Post
Why did she think you were stealing if you just went in without any merchandise to check your size? Maybe she had a peek hole and was watching and saw the gun. Does not sound like the officer did anything out of the ordinary after receiving the call.
I have no idea!! Anyone with half a brain could see that when I entered the dressing room, I didn't even have any items in my hands!!

I don't know if she saw the gun or not, but her exact response was "you were shoving items down your pants, we know it!" when I asked what I had done wrong.
Originally Posted by 2@low8 View Post
Don't let the store personnel detain you. You have the ability to walk out right up until the point the officer stops you. I will never wait around until the law shows up. Never.
She wasn't detaining me. She wasn't even trying to detain me..

In fact, she told me I could either wait for the police to get there (which only took about 1 minute since a unit was already in the area) OR I could leave before they did.

I told her I will wait & speak to them because I have done nothing wrong.. 2 seconds later he was walking in.

Then once he called in the serial number of my pistol, 4 more cars showed up & were outside when we left the building!!

Again.. this whole thing was both embarrassing and degrading.

I've never been treated like some kind of criminal for doing absolutely nothing wrong before.

Anyway - I just spoke to the district regional manager, and he assured me that this never should have even taken place, and that disciplinary actions would be taken against the woman who did this.

I hope they fire her. If she is doing this to me -- someone who enters the dressing room in front of her with NOTHING in their arms or hands -- chances are, she does this to a lot of other people too.
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