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Originally Posted by Electrikkoolaid View Post
The idiot clerk is the best part of the story.

If she really thought you were stealing, letting you know the police where coming is the last thing she should have done.

The response of people who have no power, finally getting a taste of a small sliver, is telling.
I agree - even funnier, she told me "you can wait for the cops & explain it to them, OR you can just leave now!"

I mean.. HUH?? LOL!! I told her I wasn't going anywhere, I have done nothing wrong so I have no reason to flee. I will wait for the police.
Originally Posted by Zeebra724 View Post
Well, hey, now you know your pants size, and don't let this whole scenario ruin your weekend--happy shopping!

Oh, and I really like Old Navy's cargo shorts--and I don't have to buy a bigger size either with their shorts.
Yeah, I'm trying not to let it bother me anymore. Its done & over with now, and I'm getting my chambered round back!
Originally Posted by Radam3 View Post
I haven't bought new pants / shorts in years myself. I could still tell anyone who asked what size I wear!
And even if I gained or lost weight, I'd still know where to start to try a pair on...?

"I question things because I am human"
Na.. when I (used to) buy clothes, I just hold them up to my waist & eyeball it.

Always worked good in the past - BUT since I'm also carrying now, I figured I should start going by the actual sizes for a change.

I honestly just wanted to look at the tag in the mirror... I had no idea this whole thing was going to come as a result!

Anyway - one thing that confuses me now, is when I just spoke to the officer he told me that when he entered the store again to get the round from the floor, he told the ladies inside they needed to post a No Concealable Weapons sign "to prevent this kind of thing in the future"

LOL huh?!! He was called there for possible shoplifting.. not a guy with a gun?!

I wasn't about to argue that point with him though, I just thanked him & told him I'd call on Monday to get the round back from him.
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