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Originally Posted by GLOCK19FTW View Post
Could have been worse though, but yeah.. this is not cool..

I was shopping at a clothing store known for cheap prices.

NEVER AGAIN will I attempt to shop there after this.....

I ask the woman at the counter to use the dressing room so I can look at the tag of my pants that I am wearing, so I can find out exactly which size I need to get for the shorts that I want to buy.

as I'm in the dressing room, I take off my belt & lay my holstered weapon down on the bench, then I spin around and try to check the tag size in the mirror.

After figuring out what size my current pants were so I could get 1 size larger on the shorts, I put my belt back on, put the holster back on, etc.

As I leave the dressing room, this lady tells me "I know what you're doing in there, and the cops are on the way!"

I ask her "what am I doing? I haven't done anything wrong" - she says "We KNOW you're shoving items down your pants, we heard you take the belt off!"

I reply, "no maam, I took my belt off because I have my CWP and I needed to remove my holster - I have nothing down my pants at all."

She says "sure, whatever you say - you can tell it to the cops when they get here!"

So the cops walk in, I hand him my license and my permit. He asks if I am carrying right now, I tell him yes sir.

He secures my weapon. I then tell him he can gladly come in the dressing room with me, and I will strip down to my boxers so he can see that I have NOT shoved anything down my pants. He follows me in, but doesn't have me do that.

He had me spread my legs & he just checked like that.

So then we walk outside to finish talking after I obviously had not stolen anything. On the way out, the cop tells me - why did you bring this in here, didn't you see the sign on the door?

I tell him sir, there is no sign on the door - if there was I would have left this in my car, I never would have ever brought it inside.

We get out front and he says "oh, you're right.. there is not a sign on the door"

So anyway.. even after everything checked out, the cop places my Glock, my magazine, my spare magazine and my knife in the trunk of my car - but he kept the round that I had in the chamber..

What gives?

Those are very expensive rounds.. not to mention you can't even find them anywhere right now.

That is not cool to treat a law-abiding citizen like this..

I even showed the woman my cash in my wallet and told her maam, I am here to spend money - NOT shoplift, as I was waiting on the police.

Again.. WOW is all I can say right now..

I just wanted to get some shorts with belt loops so I can carry in comfort - nothing more.

I am still pretty shook up about this.. as I told the officers, that was my first encounter with LEO's while carrying.. I had done nothing wrong at all.. This is crazy dude.
Have you called the Department the Officer works for?

If you're honestly interested in answers to your questions, they're the only ones who can provide them.
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Originally Posted by Rooster Rugburn:
Didn't the whole sheepdog thing actually start right here on Glock Talk? A bunch of wannabees bought a bunch of T-shirts and took an oath to defend those who won't defend themselves?
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