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Originally Posted by ChiefWPD View Post
As a practical matter, you have no choice but to let the officers search. The situation is an exigent one and their actions would be deemed reasonable should it come to some sort of litigation.

To the GTers who would tell the officers they couldn't enter, well, should you ever be in that actual situation let us all know how it works out for you.
Just out of curiosity..

About 600K residents in Boston (not including suburbs).

Assume 4 people per household = about 150K homes.

1/150k = .0000067

This means each house (assuming he is even in a house) has a 0.00067% chance of having said person of interest.

How do you justify that with a 0.00067% of finding something/someone you are looking for is reasonable?

Would you say that the FDA should approve a drug that has a 0.00067% chance of working as indicated?

Would you accept ammunition for your officers that had a 0.00067% function rate?

Lets look at the opposite. You have a 99.99933% chance of the suspect NOT being in a house.

I am trying to see here how you define doing something with a 0.00067% chance of success as "reasonable."

I guess you think playing the lotto is a "reasonable" way to earn an income too?
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