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Originally Posted by SpectreRider View Post
Last three tweets on mike mulugeta acct...

mike mulugeta‏@mikemulugeta13 Apr
You have enemies, good because that means you stood up for something

mike mulugeta‏@mikemulugeta7 Apr
never underestimate the pain of a person becaise in all cercumstances some people are beter on hiding it than others.

mike mulugeta‏@mikemulugeta23 Mar
what the hell is ma problem exam is already here and iam just wasting ma time

Taken together, sounds a bit ominous.
If that is his real pic he doesn't look like one of thr FBI suspects so that could mean three (or who knowa how many more) perps are involved in the conspiracy. Of note there were unsolved explosions in the Brown vicinity around the time Sunil Tripathi disappeared.
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