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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
You guys have digital desert camo floor pattern in your locker room? Very tacticool.

Yeah good ol 70s tile!

Also, very unusual to see a department go with open top holsters, even with security measures. That's just something you will never see out here.

Yeah I don't know if I'm a big fan of it yet. I strongly dislike that it's open top and it seems like it would be easy to grab from behind if I'm not paying attention. The release button is very obvious and open. Time will tell if I keep it or try to convince the admin to go with something else.

And... get some night sights on that Glock!

We're getting gen 4s whenever they arrive from the distributor. I'm hoping they will have night sights but not holding my breath as that would cost extra money and admin didn't even want to spend it in the first place...
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