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Originally Posted by Mr30s View Post
I live in south florida and the gun ranges seem to have a lot of restrictions on the type of ammo you can use. So i end up buying what they have but they are charging like $25 for 20 rounds of .45 ACP. Do you think I can just pick up ammo at walmart FMJ for cheaper and use it?
As someone has already said, some ranges insist you use only ammo purchased from them.

But if they don't restrict you to just their stuff, then you're probably okay. For me personally, if a range insists I only use what they sell, then I take my business elsewhere. I'll only shoot good quality stuff for the sake of my firearms and for my personal safety, but that's just me.

I've found that the prices that ranges charge for their own ammo is usually higher than what I can find elsewhere.

Also, some ranges use ammo that I've never heard of, which makes me think they may be reloads. I won't use reloads since I don't know who loaded them. Again, that's just me.


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