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One of my favorite .40 powders, VV 3N38...hard to come by but worth it.

Stock Glock 23 Gen4 (4" bbl):

170gr Missouri SWC, 9.7gr VV 3N38 @ ~1.130": 1,233 fps (21 fps ES!)

180gr RNFP (38-40 hardcast), 9.4gr VV 3N38 @ 1.130": 1,171 fps (6 FPS ES!!)

200gr Beartooth WFNGC, 8.2gr VV 3N38 @ 1.130": 1,061 fps (21 fps ES!)

Very consistent and packs a punch! The 38-40 style RNFP hardcast I feel is a great choice for deep penetration on game. It's got a fairly good sized meplat on it and single digit extreme spreads...almost 1,200 fps with a 180gr from a 4" barrel. From 6" G24 barrel this load does 1,340 fps.

The 200gr Beartooth would be another fantastic hunting bullet. Hopefully somebody can get some use out of this
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