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Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
First of all I suggest you look up what reasonable suspicion is. Second WarCry did not say anyone on the street, he said anyone matching the description. I can think of several things that someone walking with a rifle can be charged with, the old catch all disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace. I'm willing to bet if the jerk had relinquished the weapon(s) while the investigation was conducted we wouldn't be talking about this and he would not have been charged with anything.
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I'll admit, in the example I gave, I was NOT talking about a man with a gun. I was talking about the police get a call from someone that says "there's a guy walking down my street, I don't recognize him, never seen him, he's not one of my neighbors, and I think he might be up to something!" and then proceeds to give a description of the person, what they're wearing, etc.

Now, I know - for a fact, because I've seen it happen - the cop that gets that call from dispatch is going to roll his eyes, but he'll respond to it (barring any other more immediate calls coming in). The cop is likely going to approach it with the attitude of just satisfying the lady that called it in. He sees a guy that matches the exact description, and then he'll probably just ask the "hey, how's it goin'? Mind if I talk to you a minute?"

Now, you take that scenario, and THEN you add a gun into the mix - and not just a gun, but a gun at the ready position, and things aren't going to just be "Hey, mind if I talk to you?"

But it IS true. I did say that a police officer will and can stop someone to ask who they are WHEN RESPONDING TO AN INQUIRY BY A CITIZEN without any mention of a gun. They'll handle it however the person they're talking to decides it should be handled.

CF just appears to be of a mind that a police officer should never, ever, EVER talk to a citizen on the street unless they WITNESS that citizen committing a crime or the cop is violating every civil right in existence.
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