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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
What stunt did he pull?

You believe it's acceptable to stop and detain someone for simply walking down the street like warcry said?
The Supreme Court has said it's okay.

If they get a call of a suspicious person, and I match the description, police can stop me and question me. That's proven law.

As to your other question about being put on the hood of a car, if I don't follow the officer's instructions, act belligerent, etc, you're damn right they can do that.

Most cops - and most rational people - won't get to that extreme. Most cops are going to know that a guy walking down the street is likely just a guy walking down the street. And the guy walking down the street generally isn't going to become a blithering idiot like the guy in this video.

Now, you take that circumstance, and put a gun in an operational-ready position and it changes the whole game.

Earlier I stated that I've seen your posts and believed you to be smarter than you were demonstrating. You're doing a good job of showing me that I may have been wrong in that sentiment.
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