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Originally Posted by ray9898 View Post
The mannerisms and totality of the circumstances of the contact dictate how it's played. The guy with the rifle at ready/pistol in his hand who is doing nothing obviously illegal may have just killed his wife down the street.

If you are investigating an unknown situation with a weapon at the ready you disarm them, not doing so has got plenty of cops killed. For example, a holstered pistol may be treated different than one in the hand.
He didn't have a pistol in hand. It was holstered and concealed.

As for the situation being "unknown", every car a police officer stops and every person a police officer encounters MAY HAVE just killed their wife down the street. That doesn't justify treating everyone like a killer absent any sort of illegal act.

Look, I don't think the guy with the AR-15 was any more right than the officer. He should have realized that carrying a weapon in a ready position like that can cause alarm and will likely get you stopped and questioned. I'm just saying on the flip side, the officer probably could have approached this with a good deal more tact than hopping out of his car, drawing down and demanding that the guy surrender his weapon.

It sounds to me like BOTH of them need to lay off the testosterone a bit.
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