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Originally Posted by Berto View Post

A great revolver...

Originally Posted by Berto View Post

I'm used to seeing those sell in the $450-550 range in good or better shape in my locale...
The next time you see a prewar DS in any condition for that price, you should buy it.

In the condition shown above, it would bring at least $1000 on GunBroker, probably more.

Originally Posted by Berto View Post

The gun will be OK for an occasional cylinder or two of +P...
I strongly disagree with this statement.

Ask the Colt factory, and I bet they will, too.

To cite the most obvious analogy, Smith & Wesson advises against +P in any .38 Special revolver made at their factory before the introduction of model numbers in the 1950s. That includes models on the K-frame, which is arguably closest in size and strength to the Colt D-frame.

The subject gun is almost 70 years old and was never intended for use with +P type ammunition.

If I wanted to use it for self-defense, I would load with that old skool favorite, wadcutter (match) ammunition − and then hope I never had to use it.

If I wanted to shoot it for sport, I would use only standard-pressure ammunition loaded with non-jacketed lead bullets. The old barrel steels simply aren't up to the modern alternative without seeing undue wear over time.

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