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Some from the stock G23. All velocities are averages.


4.4gr TiteGroup, 180gr FMJ @ 1.125": 951 fps (5 fps extreme spread!) That was using heavier 22lb recoil spring.

4.4gr TiteGroup, 180gr FMJ @ 1.125": 907 fps (4 fps extreme spread!) This was using stock Gen4 RSA, same load but about 45 fps slower with the stock RSA.

200gr Rainier RNFP, 3.8gr TiteGroup @ 1.140": 834 fps (4 fps ES!)

200gr Missouri TCFP, 3.8gr TiteGroup @ 1.140": 874 fps (7 fps ES!!)


7.0gr 800x, 200gr Nosler JHP @ 1.135": 999 fps (4 fps ES!)

Longshot: I did run a few loads through the G23 but several were not nearly as consistent as others, even wildly so, so I will work on those. However,

8.2gr Longshot, 180gr FMJ @ 1.130": 1,152 fps (42 fps ES)

8.5gr Longshot, 170gr Missouri SWC @ 1.130": 1,246 fps (71 fps ES...not very consistent)

Power Pistol:

8.0gr Power Pistol, 170gr SWC @ 1.125": 1,202 fps (45 fps ES...better than Longshot but higher than typical for PP)

I've got some more loads using VV 3N38 with the G23 than turned out quite well, I'll post those up shortly!
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