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"Gonna go downstairs and have some (attmanns "

They still on Lombard Street? We lived in SW/Irvington in the '50s and early '60s, but my aunt was an RN at Hopkins and lived not too far from corned beef row.

After I retired last fall, I found a really good crabcake sandwich here in Richmond at a place out in the 'burbs. I meet friends there every Friday for lunch and finally talked to the cook last week. He's from Baltimore. Well that explains it.

It's never easy watching people die. I don't know what is more wearing on me, the sudden deaths, the few-weeks-to-live ones or folks like my mother who has sat in a wheelchair shaking for 5 years because the dementia ate her brain. She hasn't known me since '06 and only says a few words a year at random times. She'll be 89 in September.

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