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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
i know i'm not usually the most useful poster on this forum but i think i might actually be able to help here.

pick 1 trustworthy person as your anchor and keep them close at all times until the situation has passed. this person is your crutch, your rock, and your sounding board so let them know what they are in for because the 2 of you are going to be working in shifts. while you're handling stuff he/she will be breaking down behind the scenes, then while you are breaking down behind the scenes he/she will be handling stuff. don't try to handle too much by yourself.

and now to be funny, sweety you're a gng mod, if you can handle us you can handle anything.

back to the seriousness now. we're all here for you so vent, rave, rant, or ask for advice. whatever you need we'll give everything we got to help.
I think you just described me and my dad. We seem to be taking things in turns. See, though, that's another thing, I've always been a "daddy's" girl, and it absolutely destroys me to see him sad/hurt/upset, etc. my parents have been married for 55 years. That is just mind boggling these days. How do you go on without your partner after more than half a century? I'm note seeing any end to this tunnel of hell we seem to in. Maybe it's like some warped NASCAR track and we are just going to spin in circles indefinitely.

The rational part of my brain knows time heals all wounds. The rest of my brain is, apparently, having my aforementioned breakdown tonight. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I know.


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