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I'm struggling

Trying to hold everything together for my parents and my kids. I'll be doing pretty well until someone speaks directly to me, says something well meaning, breathes in my general direction.

I have had a few minor melt downs, but I think I'm not going to feel even a little better until mount sadsuvius erupts.

How do you deal with losing a parent ( or anyone) with small lead time? When my brother died suddendly, I thought that was the worst thing ever, never given any warning, time to prepare, etc. now I feel like the time to prepare is more of a curse. It's so surreal and I'm living in a perpetual state of massive anxiety.

I guess the longer this goes on, the easier it gets? Our lives are in a huge state of upheaval, everything is now on hold. My initial plan was to keep things as normal as possible, but I'm finding that difficult to maintain.

Not sure what answers I'm looking for, mostly Rambling I guess. I don't like not being able to fix everything. Not one bit.


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