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As I type this....wifey just got off the phone with customer support.
They want to replace the entire contents of the computer, but not the computer itself.
Parts won't be here until Wednesday.

Damn she's pissed. She can't do some important parts of her job until she gets her computer back up. Her entire company (~20 people) are all Mac-based...and she makes the IT decisions. (She got the entire sales force iPad minis in December).
She's gathering up ALL her Apple stuff for a photo....and then looking into what it will take to roll her company over to a more "supportable" platform.

Don't shoot the messenger here folks.
I'm just typing and listening to the cursing and keeping a running commentary.
We are witnessing an Apple Fan-Girl jump ship and taking people with her.
Combine ignorance, arrogance and low altitude, and the result is guaranteed to be spectacular.
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