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Originally Posted by airmotive View Post
As a few of you may know...I'm a PC guy.
Wifey is all "I". (Pod, Phone, Pad, Mini, BookPro and Mac-27"....throw in all the I-toys too...time machine, Apple TV, Some sort of WiFi router thing that none of our printers like to talk house is full of little glossy white boxes.)

The IMac.....oh dear God the iMac.
It's sitting here behind me as I type on my little homemade i7 PC I built myself for $700 two years ago.
iMac is Dead as Jimmy Hoffa....again.
After being completely gutted for the third time in three months. (five times in the 1.5 years since it arrived).
Each time, I had to haul this heavy, unwieldy thing to a shopping mall 15 miles away, praying I don't drop it or let some mall door slam into it. Then....after a week in the shop...go pick it up and do it all again in reverse.

First the Thunderbolt ports stopped working. Repaired under Warranty.
Then one of the speakers. Replaced under warranty.
Then the power supply started screeching. Replaced under warranty.
Then lines began appearing on the screen. Replaced the video card under warranty...but then the machine wouldn't boot at the shop. So the hardrive was replaced.
We finally get the machine week and blue screen.
We insist that we're not hauling this big heavy thing all the way back to the store we just picked it up from last week. They send a guy out who replaces the logic board and verifies all the connections are in spec.
The Okie Corral
Photo of the iMac in its natural state.

He then needs to reload the OS, which will take a couple hours. He leaves. The OS reloads, the computer boots....and we get an Apple logo....and then a white screen. Nuthin.
Apple says it sounds like the logic board. (again).
Can we bring it to the shop? (again....#6) Is there another option? Can you just replace this POS with a slightly less "S"-ier POS?
Then they say we have dirty power. Hmmm...none of the other electronics are having problems...and the iMac is living on a nearly new CyperPower AVR1500. It's getting the purest power of any component in the house! (regardless...the problems didn't start when we added the PSU, and they've continued since we've gotten it).

So, wifey is now trying to run her business on her MacBook Pro....and the fan is starting the whine (again...already replaced that once also).

I swear...if one more smug little kid says "If you wanna work ON your computer get a PC; if you wanna work WITH your computer get a Mac." I will shoot him....and his Mac.
Clearly you are breaking it out of spite.


Everyone makes a lemon from time to time. I have the following and since 2006 they've been flawless:

IPad 2
IPad 2
iPad mini
Apple TV gen 1
Apple TV current gen
Time capsule 3 TB
iPhone 5
Various generations of iPods

Quality and my customer sat is thru the roof.

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