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Originally Posted by airmotive View Post
Uh uh...another iBoy overcompensating for "something". Come on over big boy and you haul the damn thing across a crowded shopping mall parking lot, through the double doors and through the freakin food court....oh....and if it slips from your hand or someone lets a door slam into owe me $2K. I've made the trip eight times and my wife's done it twice. Your turn.

The thing is...NOBODY ever says "If you wanna work ON your computer get a Mac; if you wanna work WITH your computer get a PC."

But every time I'm with my wife at the Mac store and we rib each other about our divided house with regards to PC/Mac....some smug little blue shirt-wearing twit will prattle off "If you wanna work ON your computer get a PC; if you wanna work WITH your computer get a Mac."

Nobody ever says PCs are perfect.
However, if anyone ever declares a Mac isn't anything other than PERFECT, they get attacked by iBoys.

Case in point, your post...i-Boy.
No, they have problems, but to have 5 problems points to something on your end. I don't care if it's Dell, Mac, or a Honda. Don't take it so personal MS fanboy.

I did take my macbook pro [my other computers are a homebuilt desktop, and 2 HP laptops] in once because I absolutely could not get it to connect to my wifi. When I got there, it connected fine. Still have issues with it at my house sometimes. If I change the network name it will connect again no problem. My solution is to keep two networks running and just hop on the other one when I have an issue. Haven't had the issue in a while though.
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