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Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
Do you want me to post about my POS Dell or Gateway or HP?

When you have that many problems that other users are not having the problem points to you.

And iMacs weigh less than my old tower or my old CRT monitor alone, so calling it unwieldy and heavy makes you sound like a woman.
Uh uh...another iBoy overcompensating for "something". Come on over big boy and you haul the damn thing across a crowded shopping mall parking lot, through the double doors and through the freakin food court....oh....and if it slips from your hand or someone lets a door slam into owe me $2K. I've made the trip eight times and my wife's done it twice. Your turn.

The thing is...NOBODY ever says "If you wanna work ON your computer get a Mac; if you wanna work WITH your computer get a PC."

But every time I'm with my wife at the Mac store and we rib each other about our divided house with regards to PC/Mac....some smug little blue shirt-wearing twit will prattle off "If you wanna work ON your computer get a PC; if you wanna work WITH your computer get a Mac."

Nobody ever says PCs are perfect.
However, if anyone ever declares a Mac isn't anything other than PERFECT, they get attacked by iBoys.

Case in point, your post...i-Boy.
Combine ignorance, arrogance and low altitude, and the result is guaranteed to be spectacular.
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