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I LOL'ed when I read the caption "Photo of the iMac in its natural state."

Well that sucks. Yesterday I thought my new i7 Win7 system was FUBAR. Windows Update was bugging me to do an update. I had some time and told it to go ahead. Checked to see how much as the last one was only two weeks ago. Holy crap, 250 MB worth! Started it and continued to surf. About 30 seconds later the "uh-oh" sound came out of the speakers and my screens went blank.


The HD light was going crazy so I left it alone for about an hour. At that point the HD light was now just flashing briefly about once a second and had been doing so for about 50 minutes. With nothing left to do I pressed the reset button and prayed. BIOS screen flashed up and then the screen that says "Windows did not shut down properly. What do you want to do?" I chose "Start Windows Normally" and then about peed myself when I saw the BIOS screen come up again.

However, it quickly booted to the login screen. I logged in and looked at the Update History and all the new updates were installed and everything appeared fine and 24 hours later it is just fine. Dodged one there...
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