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How prepared are you for Nukes? Really...

Obviously, a direct hit is a moot point. But after we get outside the serious destruction and vaporization zone, how well geared up (Knowledge, skill, and materials) are you to survive?

Me, not really at all. I've got a lot of other things on my list above that. A lot of my current preps would help me avoid exposure, but I don't pack iodine, lead lined rooms, gieger counters etc...I just feel that a lot of Nuke survival would be about highly specialized gear, lots of training, and in reality I'd have neither and be fooling myself. But I could be wrong.

Just an entertaining consideration, given NK's wackiness. You know what if they had channeled all there efforts into one stealthy bird and it actually caught a good tailwind, and USAF failed to respond due to disbelief it could happen, etc...

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