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Thanks guys, nice to hear more good stuff.

Originally Posted by kbm54 View Post
I went to Houston for two weeks and hated it, hope that helps.

ETA: And you know I can help. I didn't realize you were a certified weld inspector; what sort of certification exactly?
I really hated to admit it, but Houston just wasn't really attractive to me. I didn't see a whole lot of it, but what I did was just like kinda blah..

Yes sir, Certified Pipeline Weld Inspector, CPWI
Got a diploma for the wall, and a gold pin for my lapel!

I am making a stop in 'Bama on the way, and as it stands, no itinerary or end destination is concrete..

Originally Posted by Shinesintx View Post
He's dead serious about the toobing. I have a few college buddies that grew up near the river. We're in out 40s and still go toobing.
I looked it up on youtube. The water must rise a few degrees over ambient temp..*coughpeewatercough*

Originally Posted by ezthumper View Post
I work in Houston, but I do not live in Houston, I actually live about 30+ miles South West of Houston.

no hubub out here. nice a mellow.
Good to know. Might end up inside city limits to start, but I'll be looking for "no neighbor property" asap!
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