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Okay, I got to run a few more this afternoon through the G27 Gen4. This time my main goal was to see what Longshot can do. Here it goes, working up from 8.0gr.

(Precision Delta 180gr FMJ used, 1x Federal brass and CCI SP primers)

180gr FMJ, 8.2gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1,125 fps (22 fps ES!)
180gr FMJ, 8.4gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1,104 fps (28 fps ES)
180gr FMJ, 8.6gr Longshot @ 1.130": 1,128 fps (21 fps ES!)

Brass looked good. Some "bulge" but even the 4.4gr TG load put some bulge in the brass. The chamber support for the newer .40's is quite a bit better than it used to be...not KKM good, but not bad for stock.

From the looks of things, 8.2gr is good enough. .4gr more powder (the 8.6gr load) only averaged 3 fps faster. .2gr more (8.4gr load) actually got slower, which I've seen before when I used to load for the 10mm. All in all, a 180gr bullet moving at 1,125 fps (506 ft-lbs) from a 3.5" barrel is pretty good!

I would imagine it would be a dandy woods load suitable for deer sized game using a good JHP.
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