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Originally Posted by happie2shoot View Post
SDGlock23 I wish you lived in the Boise Idaho area.
I have a mod.27 and want to try some cast 175 lee in
it with Longshot, still waiting on the mold to get here.
I have a LW 4.059'' threaded barrel and am getting a
4.6'' LW threaded barrel to get more fps. Keep sending
all information, please.
I normally shoot mag. revolvers but am going to try the
lighter Glocks for a trail gun, am also building a 460 Rowland
on a mod. 30, still waiting on the barrels for it too.
Can't wait to try them on deer this year.
Will do! I have a few more I'm about to post up with Longshot from the G27 today. I haven't messed with any 175gr hardcasts, but I do have some data for the 170gr SWC hardcast, it's as follows:

(This data was taken from a 6" KKM barrel. With a 175gr hardcast I would drop charge to around 8.0gr and work up. Velocity is average)

170gr SWC, 9.0gr Longshot @ 1.125": 1,449 fps (20 fps ES!) That's 792 ft-lbs.

I just noticed that I don't have any data for 180gr hardcasts with Longshot. VV 3N38 and 800x both got almost 1,350 fps from the 6" KKM, but strangely enough I don't have any using Longshot. I'll have to remedy that.

Good luck on that 460 Rowland! I would imagine working with 250-280gr hardcasts in that would be awesome.
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