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Originally Posted by trigger19isbest View Post
I'll, scrape, sand, dremel, what ever it takes to reduce the offending trigger safety, first thing in the morning. I would do it now, but I'm too sleepy to get started on it. Thanks to the pro-mod posters, especially TruthNotRelevant.

I want to speak my mind concerning the nay sayers, but everyone has a right to their opinion. Some folks are so comfortable in their fear, that they want to enslave us free folk, in that same fear.
Thanks. But uhhh, I'm TruthN0tRELATIVE... I actually believe that truth is very "RELEVANT" (as opposed to relaTIVE).
"You can't stop INSANE people from doing INSANE things by passing.. INSANE laws...... that's INSANE!"-Penn Fraser Jillette (Penn & Teller) on Gun Control Laws (DOH!)
Is it TRUE that there is no TRUTH? : )
"You forgot your BRIEFCASE!!!!!!"-

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