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Originally Posted by TruthNotRelative View Post
I guess my advice to you would then be, don't "molest" your weapon then. My Glock pistol belongs to me, if I see fit to make minor modifications to suit me, why the heck would that bother you? You're not going to be shooting it.

BTW, if I drop in an after-market trigger that has this same "mod", am I "molesting" my weapon?

Personally, I think your comment is short-sighted. I don't see how shaving a trigger safety down (as it should be from the factory) to increase personal comfort equals "molesting it big time". Frankly that's just dumb.
I agree, He needs to check on his TPS reports or something.
Why Glock has the safety stick up through the trigger even when pressed is a fail in my book. I cannot not shoot with it sticking me in the finger. Shooting 40 cal after 100 rds starts to become very very bother some.
So all my Glocks get smooth face trigger with the safety sanded flush with the trigger as should of been from factory!
Now has anyone seen my Red stapler?
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